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October 14th

It was a crisp, clear fall day
A cool breeze made the trees sway
The water flowing gently down
And the two of us were just walking around

Not quite sure of what we were doing
But we talked and talked and we were happily moving.
We walked for hours until the sun was going down
And when we were finally tired we sat on the ground.

We layed together among the flowers in the field
And I had to ask myself was this even real?
She was the girl of my dreams
But did she feel how I feel?

I pulled you in closer and got lost in your eyes
I had dreamed of this moment so many times.
Our lips touched as the sun fell above
And in that moment we had fallen in love.

#walkinthepark #arboretum #sunset #skyporn

scared and lonely. what do you do when the one person you can talk to won’t so much as look at you?

I'm so sorry about rufus! That's so sad. Hope your day/night gets better xxx

Thank you so much! I’ll be alright

Dear Rufus,

my loyal companion and beloved friend

 I’m sorry i can’t be with you to see it through the end.

I’ll miss you laying by my side,

 and gazing down at your puppy-dog eyes.

These 6 short years went by too fast

 and I wish today was not your last.

Although tonight I’ll cry and cry,

 I know you’ll always be watching me from the sky.

And even though we’ll be apart,

 I’ll always keep you in my heart.

I’ll miss you buddy.RIP and watch over me in heaven. I love you <3

What state do you live in???

uhhh… Pennsylvania. why?